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Hyaluronic Ampoules | NanoDerma LRT10 Hyaluronic Ampoules contain a unique wrinkle-reducing serum with pure hyaluronic acid to leave your skin feeling firmer and more supple, and looking fresh.

The formula is a combination of high- and low-molecular hyaluron. High-molecular hyaluron forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent moisture loss, while low-molecular hyaluron is much more easily absorbed into the skin, filling out wrinkles from the inside. This combination of high- and low-molecular hyaluron retains moisture within the skin cells themselves to prevent the skin from drying out, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles and leaving the skin smooth and fresh-feeling.

NanoDerma LRT10 Hyaluronic Ampoules contain a unique winkle-reducing serum. Pure hyaluronic acids improve elasticity, resilience and appearance of your skin.

A combination of high- and low-molecular hyaluron

  1. High-molecular hyaluron: High-molecular hyaluron creates a protective barrier on your skin to prevent moisture loss.
  2. Low-molecular hyaluron: Low-molecular hyaluron is far better absorbed into the skin, it fills out fine lines and wrinkles from inside, makes the skin soft and gives it a fresh-feeling
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How it works
  • It retains moisture in the cells to prevent your skin from drying-out
  • It moisturises intensively the skin
  • It absorbs fine lines and wrinkles from inside
  • Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • A regular use enables actually the reduction of deep lines

Suitable for all skin types.




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