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Are you looking to develop a specific product range for a particular market?
Private Label cosmetic pharma

What are the Biggest Trends in Beauty, Pharma and Lifestyle?

The ever-changing world of beauty, pharma and lifestyle continues to evolve, and every year we reporting our costumers about new worldwide trends.

We inform you about the latest developments in trends, acquisitions, brands and categories performance, retail changes, and much more.

We create your right concept aimed at the specific requirements of the target group

Before you can turn that idea into a product, you’ll have to see what your consumers think about it. The key to creating a great concept is that it has to be simple to understand, has to solve a real consumer problem and it has to be somehow differentiated from other products that are already on the market.

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Working with world’s best designers

1. Product claims

Explaining what the product does

2. Product description 

Explains the features of the product

3. Illustration

To help give the person an idea of what the product looks like

4. Tag line

A phrase that is identified with the product or brand

Private label design


Working closely with our R&D department you will have the ability to create your own recipe and ingredients in the formulation development made exclusively for you. Your new product will be made exactly to your specifications using the same level of quality, care, and professional technology that we are using in our brands.

Using the latest technologies for research and with over 2,000 tried and tested products in our ranges, we are confident that we’re the right partner for you if you’re looking to develop a specific product range for a particular market.

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Our product testing for your market

Our R&D department will support you with comprehensive testing of your products in accordance with the current requirements of your country.

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